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Children’s Wardrobe – a dream or a nightmare

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Children’s wardrobe is probably the most difficult to organize, as per today’s time and generation. Today’s kids have probably more number of clothes than us at that age; hence, most of us are seen looking for bigger wardrobes for their ever growing size and need. Now to keeping this dire need in mind, we have come up with a few simple tricks and hacks, to keep in mind, while designing your kids’ wardrobe.

1. Design: There is an assortment of designs in the market today; however, functional design is what you are looking at while making your kids’ wardrobe. With a plethora of cartoon characters and fairytale princesses in the market, it does become quite a challenging job to choose the correct design for your beloved child. If you are concentrating on wooden wardrobes then it is best to get the entire wardrobe painted instead of using laminate or boards. This will ensure that the wardrobes last longer without any significant.

wardrobe 2

2. Storage: The best way to keep your kids’ wardrobe clutter free is to have very sorted storage. Using drawers and small shelves is a great way to accommodate clothes and accessories lying around. Do not make shelves that are really high as you will not be able to reach it, however, keep a high space in the wardrobe to utilize it for lesser used items.

wardrobe 3
3. Baskets: If you have an open space in the wardrobe that cannot accommodate shelves or any other bifurcation, it is advisable to invest in baskets that can be arranged as per need. You can select the size of the baskets depending on the space that you have. Having color coordinated baskets will help you to keep things more

4. Essentials: It is best to check off the non-essential items from the wardrobe, out of the house. There are clothes that your kid has outgrown and are probably still lying around inside. Do let go off them to de-clutter space.

5. Shoe shelves: In case you have a space at the bottom, you can have a pullout shoe shelf with party shoes stored neatly away. This is a great way to save space in your regular shoe rack as well.
Pull out wardrobe
6. Decorate: Don’t forget to add a little decoration on the wardrobe door so that it looks like a kids’ wardrobe, bright and beautiful

With so many amazing small tricks and hacks, it is much easier to organize kids’ wardrobe today!


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