Timeless Series- Wardrobe Organizing Tips for Women

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Timeless Wardrobe Series – Our wardrobe series has been created keeping in mind the ever growing need of wardrobe organization and design. Every article will target different ideas that you can incorporate while making your dream wardrobe…  

Wardrobe Hacks for Women

Women and clothes are quite synonymous and there is always a dearth of space to store clothes. One question that plagues all women is ‘where to keep the clothes?’ We almost run of clothes on specific occasions, only to go and buy new ones and then try and make space to keep them.

Second in the series, this piece is dedicated to all women who are looking at organizing their wardrobe to fit in everything meticulously. Here we will give you tips on how to organize your wardrobe better and categorize, if possible.

Hangers: Try experimenting with matching hangers to hang your really exquisite clothing so that you do not get spoilt or creased. You can also try to hang similar colour clothing together so that you have an idea as to the number of same colours you have. This way you will know exactly what to shop for next!

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Jewellery: Today we have options to organize your drawers in a better way than we could earlier. With customized partitions available, you can now easily sort your jewellery in the drawer by sorting your earrings, bangles, necklaces, etc. Now-a-days you have earring sorters that can be hung on hooks inside the wardrobe door. You can get them in jute or plastic and hang them neatly with your earrings or nose pins.

Accessories: These include belts or scarves or headbands, etc. that are an absolute necessity in every wardrobe. You can create a storage box that can be fit inside the wardrobe for all your accessories or you can also create a drawer for the same.

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Hooks: Having hooks inside the wardrobe door is useful for hanging any small purses or slings that are used regularly. This way they are steered clear of public view and can prove to be a great way to de-clutter.

Long shelf: Having one long shelf on right on top of the hanging space can be used to store less used items or occasional things like big purses or clutches, etc. This way you can save space in the rest of the wardrobe.

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 Shoe storage: If you are a shoe fanatic, as we assume most of us are, create a long drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe to store your expensive and occasional shoes. This way you do not mix the regulars with the occasional and it helps to keep your shoes clean.

With these wardrobe hacks, you can begin to organize your clothes and accessories a little better than before.

Stay tuned for more in our timeless wardrobe series…

                                                Coming up next is our piece on Children’s wardrobe part 1…

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