The Art of Organizing Small Kitchen Cabinets…

Small kitchens are the most difficult to organize since space is a major constraint. However, with smart tips and tricks, you can effectively organize small kitchen cabinets to suit your home. This part of the series is designed to help you organize small kitchen cabinets in your home in the most useful way.


  • If you do not have partitions in your cabinets, get stackable shelves to organize your crockery or any other kitchen item. The best way to get most out of your cabinets is by organizing similar items together such as spices together, daily crockery together, all dry eatables together, etc.

Large kitchen area with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floor, long countertop, angled ceiling, blue cabinetry, windows with shade.

  • Space above the cabinets should not be neglected since they can prove to be great for storage. You can either extend the cabinets to the ceiling if you have the required space, or you can use baskets to organize some items that are not going to be used every day. This way you will get more space in your kitchen cabinet to organize other items.


  • Use your drawers wisely, for example, you can create compartments in the drawers to store your spoons and ladles.


  • If you have space under the sink, get a thin rod to hang your spray bottles and use the shelf space below to store your big bottles. Add a small organizer on the inside of the cabinet door to put your trash bags and sponges.


  • In the case of a corner cabinet, use hooks to hang your pots and pans so that it occupies less space outside and makes your kitchen look really presentable. This also helps you to find all the utensils in one place. Alternately you can create a rotating shelf in the corner that opens up as soon as you open the door. This way you can stack big items in the corner without hampering your other kitchen cabinets.


  • In case your home does not have a modular kitchen and just big plain shelves, you can use labeled baskets to store all your necessary kitchen items. This way your small pantry will be more presentable and amazing to look at.

The best way to effectively organize small kitchen cabinets is to make sure that you do not invest in extra items that are worthless. Keep your requirements bare minimum and simple so that you can avoid a clutter later. With these basic tips, we are sure you are going to get really creative in organizing your kitchen cabinets today!

Stay tuned for our next part of Kitchen Series- All about modular kitchens…

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