Moving into the new house? Tips to enhance security..


16- 13 april

Is it your new house that has been the reason for your excitement lately? Indeed! It is an event to celebrate, but before moving to your new home of dreams, there are a few concerns that often indwell in the mind of a possessor. Above all the apprehensions, security of the house is always the top concerns. Therefore, to consider reliable solutions to make your home a safer place to live becomes imperative.

Top Tips to Enhance the Security of Your Dwelling

  1. A safe neighborhood is always the first criterion to judge the safety of the place. I would recommend buying a home having an active neighborhood. Get to know them well to ensure that they are the right people to share the neighborhood with
  2. Thieves often look for a house that is empty and easy to crack. Why not put up a security decal mentioning a warning that the house is protected by an electronic security system, even if it is not. Believe me, it works! Nobody wants to play with their lives. Isn’t it?
  3. Just putting a security system decal is not a solution to the problem. Give a thought to installing it before you move to your new house
  4. Live security surveillance cameras are the best way to keep an eye on your home even when away. You can also do it in conjunction with the community-shared property in your precinct. It is a clever trick to warn people that you are keeping an eye on every individual making a way to your home.
  5. Install home automation tools like smart bulbs, lights or curtains. The great thing is that you can control them via smart apps even when you are not available. These are affordable tools and quite easy to install.
  6. Even if you do not have access to smart security tools, you can make use of an age-old trick of turning on a few lights of the home when not available so to give an impression that the house is not empty.
  7. Exterior motion sensor lights are useful when it comes to spotting a person. Nobody can avoid being spotted with these lights and gives an impression to the trespassers that they are being watched
  8. Also, give a thought to installing a smart lock in your house as these automatically gets locked from behind
  9. Adding an alarm system is a wonderful way to deter the thieves from proceeding with their plans because if the burglars managed to break into the house, the sound of alarm would stop them to continue with the burglary.

Though a lot of us are aware of the advancing technology in the field of home security systems, only a few of us give a thought to installing these tools to our homes as an extra safety feature. Just think of enhancing the security of your future den where you can live peacefully without the fear of burglaries and thefts.

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