Living in a compact 2BHK apartment? Try these smart storage options

Many of you must be having a 2BHK flat in Noida, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, or any other such high population density city. One common problem with a 2 BHK apartment is that you are going to have much less square feet for your storage. However, you need not necessarily adjust in less. It’s just that you need to organize the small space available in a smart manner.


So, instead of getting irked with the compact spaces of a compact apartment, find below some of the smart space storage secrets that will come handy irrespective of the size of your home.


Invest in multifunctional furniture: Multifunctional furniture designed for small spaces gives you a clutter free and organized apartment and help in creating stylish home interior. Ottomans, coffee table, end tables, wall beds, expandable dining tables, trunk and benches with storage, multi use sofas are some examples of such multifunctional furniture. Grab one that suits your requirement.



Furniture on television wall: Modern TV wall units give you huge storage options. In addition, it adds a “wow” factor to your home interiors. One can easily use that to store books, showcase indoor plants and designer showpieces, and store some daily needed stuff.


Buy bed with storage options: You can surely make your bedroom clutter free by buying beds with multiple storage options. Such beds don’t let any unused space go waste. The best part is that you can stuff a lot of things in them and your bedroom looks clean. Moreover, such storage beds add a classy touch to your room interiors.


Utilize space under stairs: If you own a 1 bhk duplex, space underneath the internal stairs may come quite handy for storage. This is often the most ignored area having great potential to de-clutter your home. Shelves and storage options are the best tricks to use such space. You can opt to have an ultimate bookcase, built-in drawers or cabinets, or you can even create a covert kitchen pantry here.


Storage options behind the doors: When it comes to maximizing storage, every inch counts. With some storage accessories, doors can be harnessed for finding some amazing space. From door hooks to wall hanging baskets, there are so many options for behind-the-door storage. Probability of having such options makes them a true lifesaver when you are living in a small 2BHK apartment in Noida, Mumbai or any other metro city.


Under sink storage: Often, the under-sink area is ignored in terms of storage as it is usually dark and dingy. In bathrooms, you can use it creatively for a bathroom vanity. Similarly, the roll out trays under the kitchen sink can help you find exactly what you need in just a glance.


These were just a few of many small space storage secrets for super-savvy small home dwellers. Clutter is a persistent issue in small apartments and such smart storage options increase the space you have and make your flat look cleaner and organized.

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