Kitchen Series I- How to organize a small kitchen

Kitchens- our lifeline, our daily dose of energy and probably the place where we end up spending a lot of our waking time in! Cooking, for some, is an ordeal, but for some, it is an activity that they take pleasure in. The current apartment structures do not really permit big kitchens like people enjoyed in earlier times when bungalows were more prominent. With the size of the kitchen shrinking today, there is always a question to organize it well so that it is easily accessible for anyone.

This part of the series will cover some basic tips to organize a small kitchen. Let’s understand some pretty simple ways to make your small modular kitchen more efficient:

1. Spice rack: Instead of keeping your regular spices in the cupboard create a neat wooden rack for your spices to be kept in eyes view. It becomes easy to access and does not create a mess every time you take it out. You can use attractive colorful small glass bottles to store them.


2. Knives rack: Instead of storing your knives in shelves, create a horizontal knife stand on the wall near the spice rack. This will keep the knives out of reach from children and also give you easy access when you need to chop and peel. You can get this done in wood and stainless steel frame.


3. Spoon Stand: We utilize spoons every day for a variety of things. To make your spoons more accessible, create a square shelf on the tile and store your everyday use spoons there. This will not only save space in the cabinet but also ensure that you do not hunt for them every time you need it.




4. Crockery: While storing your crockery remember to put the ones you use every day at the bottom and the occasional ones on top. You can create a sliding shelf within the cupboard so that you can easily slide the crockery that you want to use.

Kitchen Crockery organization

5. Under the sink: Create a little rack on the inside of the door to store your dishwashing soap and scrub you use every day. This will avoid the unnecessary pile up near the sink. You can alternatively hang a liquid soap dispenser near the sink and keep the scrub, you use every day, underneath it.

Kitchen organization-undersing wastebin



These are some basic tips to organize a small kitchen. In the next section, we will be covering few more points to organize your small kitchen cabinets.


Stay tuned for our next part of Kitchen Series- How to organize small kitchen cabinets…

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