Do You Know – How to Improve Your Credit Score?

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If you are an Indian, your CIBIL score decides whether you are fit to finance for investing in a property. Undoubtedly, low-interest rates on housing property always attract buyers, but tight credit market may not allow you to opt for housing finance. Especially, your low credit score may jeopardize your ability to avail a loan.

In that case, you need to improve your credit score. Indeed, it’s not that easy, but some ways can help you get through it and can boost up your score to a great deal.

How to improve your credit score?

  • Did you check your credit reports earlier? If not, then you should do it now. At times, there are possibilities of discrepancies in the report. You just need to spend a little amount to get it reevaluated. If there are errors, it will reflect in the report, and the score will appreciate to some extent. For initiating the evaluation process, you can make an appeal on CIBIL website ( It’s as simple.
  • Credit cards are the other commodities that are responsible for degrading your credit rating. If you have not settled payments for your old credit cards, you are running a risk of not getting further loans in the future. Mind you, if you are not working after closing the old debts, do not expect to get more in the future.
  • Your history of making late payments further disgrace your reputation and make you a victim of bad credit score. Pay your EMI’s on time and clear off the old dues as soon as possible for enhancing your creditworthiness
  • If you have any old credit card in your name that is not in use, please get it deactivated. A thought might have popped up in your mind that why to disable a card that is not in use, then you need to know that any theft or misuse of the card may put your CIBIL rating in danger. So better beware than repenting in the future.
  • Make it a point not to buy everything from your credit card. As 30% is the credit utilization limit, stick to it for maintaining your credibility.
  • The great thing is that if your credit score is good, banks will automatically offer you higher credit limits. In that case, availing a home loan won’t be a big deal.


Plan your strategy for improvement in such a way that gradually it starts to reflect your solidity and your dream of buying a home will get fulfilled.

Happy Home Buying

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