Creating that ‘Wow’ wardrobe for you

Timeless Wardrobe Series – Our wardrobe series has been created keeping in mind the ever growing need of wardrobe organization and design. Every article will target different ideas that you can incorporate while making your dream wardrobe…  

Creating that ‘Wow’ wardrobe for you

Wardrobes are an essential part of our homes and we try our best to give it our best design. However, the most important aspect of a wardrobe is it placement and internal arrangement. In our zest to create innovative designs, we often tend to forget the basics, which in turn makes us reeling for a better design and better way to organize it, every time.

To help you with your anguish, we present the first in our series of wardrobe design and organization-Ways to create your ‘Wow’ wardrobe design.

  1. Design


When we talk about design, there are many choices to shortlist from; however, there is only one that will really suit our need. With the help of a professional interior decorator, you can assess the size of the room before finalizing your dream wardrobe. Getting bulky wardrobe for a small room will defeat the idea of an aesthetic appeal.  

  1. Shelves


Besides design, we need to think about creating shelf space that will help you organize your clothes and other belongings better. Let us understand a few basics of creating useful shelves:

  1. Divide the internal space into sections dedicated to the type of clothes and things that would go in there.
  2. For a woman’s wardrobe, arrange the shelves in a way that are easily accessible. If you create hanging space that is really high, you will need support to reach it. Create a top horizontal shelf to store things that are probably not used too much every day and below attach a rod for hanging your clothes.
  3. For a men’s wardrobe, creating a hanging space right on top will help them easily access their clothes as most of the men prefer hanging their clothes. Create a horizontal shelf right below to keep things that are not used every day.
  1. Accessories

Accessorize your wardrobe with lights and drawer extensions while creating your wardrobe.
These are some basic ways in which you can organize your wardrobe to create a ‘wow’ design for your room.

Stay tuned for more in our timeless wardrobe series… 

Coming up next is our piece on wardrobe organization tips for women

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