4 Ways An Nri May Benefit By Investing In India

Are you an NRI who is looking forward to invest in property in India? Great! Go ahead! It’s the time when you can gain more by investing in Indian property market. Yes! The availability of investor friendly government has given rise to number of investments which are expected to grow even more in future. Do you want to know in what ways it can benefit you? Here’s the blog that gives you a clear explanation. Read on.

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1. Increasing value of the property

If you see the situation of the current property market in India, the returns on investment are expected to go as high as 20 to 25%. However, investing at a very good location or property may give you the increase of 30 to 40% in future. If you are living in a country like UK, US or Australia, investing in Indian property would be a great opportunity for you as these countries do not provide as high returns as India.

2. Easy Regulations

Are you afraid of the paperwork that is generally required to get hold of a property? Well, NRIs, nowadays, are no more required to go through the lengthy paperwork process. Yes! The incorporation of easy regulations and lesser paperwork has now made the process easier, thus allowing NRIs to consider India as one of the most beneficial property destinations. Moreover, when it comes to transferring the money to India, the deal no more requires any permission from Reserve Bank of India. You can simply transfer your money via Non-Resident Ordinary or Non-Resident External account.

3. Falling Value of Indian Rupee

Another reason that influences NRIs to invest in India is the declining value of Indian Rupee as compared to other foreign currencies. Yes! India, thus, allows NRIs to buy or invest in a property at very reasonable rates. Invest and gain from a falling rupee before it rebounds!

4. Attractive offers

NRIs, nowadays, are being offered with some exclusive schemes. Apart from providing luxurious condominiums, Indian real estate developers attract a high amount of NRIs by providing easy registration process. NRIs, thus, can own a property in India without any hassle. Moreover, the upcoming infrastructure projects in India facilitate NRIs to invest in order to explore new and exciting opportunities.

Are you looking for a property builder that takes care of all the NRI requirements? Unnati Fortune Group, one of the renowned real estate developers, provides luxurious residential projects in Noida expressway. An NRI can invest in any of their properties in the most easy and cost-effective manner.

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